Photography competition

Anyone with a camera can take a photo. But can you take photos worthy of being hung on walls or kept for a lifetime? To be in with a chance of winning this year’s Travel Photography Award, take note of these tips:

• Be original, sunsets are boring. Has anyone else taken that same shot before. What will make your shot stand out from all the other sunset photographs?

• A photograph of you in front of the Eiffel Tower will not win any awards. It’s boring and self-indulgent, and it’s the sort of photograph you show your grandma when you return home.

• If you’re photographing a well-known tourist attraction, try shooting it from a different angle.

• Compose your image: a portrait of half a person’s head is not a portrait. It’s a photo of half a person’s head.

• Focus your camera: unless you’re trying to be really arty, make sure your entry is in focus. And if you’re trying to be really arty, make sure you do it well. You’ll win no awards for an out-of-focus image.

• Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with your subjects: a well-composed image of a person/people can convey more emotion than taking a photo from far away.

• If you are using a digital camera, check your resolution. To get a quality print you need to set your camera at the highest image size setting.

• Finally, clearly label and caption your image.