Photographer and bystander Ruth Board said “He was in a cheeky mood, and he kept making comments about his ‘dad dancing’. He came over and chatted to the ladies who’d escaped the office to come and check out Robbie and his pink suit. He looked very tanned.”

“I think they were simulating some kind car accident for the video as well, there was a stunt double standing to the side and they were doing his hair and makeup to match him up,” said a decidedly overexcited Board.

The video’s storyline involved Williams being shoved into traffic by a pretty brunette – he’s struck by a passing car, smashing the windscreen and ending up on his back in the road. The former Take That singer then begins busting some breakdance moves. As we know, the show must go on, and it takes more than a car accident to put this superstar down.

Robbie gets into the groove

The pink suit and Rob’s slick hairdo are protected from the drizzle

Robbie’s stunt double doppleganger gets his meticulous make up fixed

Hip hop dad dancing as Robbie struts his stuff

Images: Ruth Board/TNT Magazine