Gavin Henson has signed up for The Bachelor, a TV dating show in which women will compete to become the “woman of his dreams”, but, Henson told OK magazine, viewers shouldn’t expect any sex on the show, this will be about “getting to know” each other.

The Bachelor will be a British version of the hit US show and will star 25 women all hoping to land the 29-year-old Welsh rugby star, a move likely to be slightly stomach churning for his ex of one year, Charlotte Church.

The line-up of girls includes several models, some ‘career women’ and a pair of twins. The bevy of Henson-hopefuls will live together in a communal “villa in sun-soaked southern Europe”.

Henson, meanwhile, will love “alone, but nearby, in a luxurious bachelor pad”.

Gavin Henson The Bachelor

You can expect a good dose of old-fashioned chauvinism from Henson, who
told OK magazine: “When I have been on a date it’s kind of led to the
bedroom and I kind of lose a bit of respect for them, to be honest, and
that’s where it breaks down.

“It’s an awkward one, but that’s
why I like the idea of The Bachelor because it gives me the chance to
actually get to know them and I really haven’t had that before.”

Channel 5 has warned viewers can “expect flirting, bitching and heartfelt emotion as the contestants do whatever it takes to impress Gavin”.

The Bachelor will see contestants battle it out to win Henson’s affections in a mixture of group and one-on-one settings.

For his part, Gavin Henson appears to be seeing the dating show as a serious chance to find a life partner.

“I really feel the time is right for me to find a girl to hopefully spend the rest of my life with,” Henson said.

“It can be hard in my situation to meet women and The Bachelor will give me the unique opportunity to go on some incredible dates and spend quality time getting to know amazing women from all over the UK.”

Gavin Henson and Charlotte Church
Gavin Henson and ex-wife Charlotte Church in 2006.

There has been no reaction as yet from Henson’s ex-wife, Welsh singer Charlotte Church. The pair were together for five years and have two children, but split up in 2010 shortly after announcing their engagement.