What with Harry’s naked gallivanting in Las Vegas and the Duke of Edinburgh’s ability to laugh his way out of one of his many politically incorrect gaffes, we were led to believe the British monarchy had a pretty good sense of humour. It appears however, that one has a sense of humour failure when one is publicly mocked; case in point being Pippa Middleton, who has instructed her lawyers to demand a Twitter account that makes fun of her party planning business be deleted.

The account @Pippatips, which is managed by Brits Mat Morrisroe and Suzanne Azzopardi, pokes fun at the royally associated socialite’s predictable party planning tips, amassing nearly 50,000 followers who enjoy a good chuckle at posts such as, “Headache tablets can be a great in helping deal with a headache”.

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But it seems the duo took it a step too far when they published a book parodying her party-planning book, “Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends”, titled, “When One is Expecting: A Posh Person’s Guide to Pregnancy and Parenting”. Middleton’s lawyers, Harbottle & Lewis, have now taken action, writing to the book’s publishers to demand the @Pippatips Twitter account be deleted.

Nothing has been posted on the account since June 15 and both parties have refused to comment. 

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