The racism issue has been a hot topic surrounding the tournament after the BBC’s Panorama programme last week highlighted incidents among Ukranian fans.

Italian striker Mario Balotelli said he would not tolerate any form of racism and was prepared to quit a game in response to it.

But Balotelli’s proposed actions were not backed by Platini, who said: “It’s a yellow card. It’s not a player – Mr Balotelli – who’s in charge of refereeing.”

“It’s the referee who takes these decisions. Referees can finish the game. They have this power in case of racism,” Platini told the BBC

“The referee has been given advice and he can stop the game if there are problems.”

Platini rubbished any suggestion his reputation would be tarnished if there is racial abuse was delivered at Euro 2012.

“Are you joking? You think I am responsible for the racists in the rest of Europe or in England or in France?” he said.