Tottenham Hotspur were finally in their own stadium to start a Premier League season for the first time in what seems like an age for Spurs fans. However, rather than making the £1 billion venue a fortress from the first kick-off, Spurs are already in crisis mode with much-loved manager Mauricio Pochettino being forced to insist that he has support from club chairman Daniel Levy.

The worries haven’t rooted just yet, with the kiss of death in the form of the chairman’s public backing not being made yet, but many see the team as having gone stale.

Spurs have been full of potential for many years, gradually building the team and growing its players to, one day, be Premier League contenders. This was expected to be the season when they were finally able to go full-throttle in a title bid with a bit of backing in the transfer window to christen their new stadium, but that has not been the case.

Now, following a string of worrying results, Spurs have opened up their usual place in the top-four to their London rivals. Arsenal have been trailing behind the top-four for the last three years, and Chelsea have experienced two league wins, two finishes outside of the top-four, and a third-place finish over the last five years and are undergoing a transfer ban this season.

With Tottenham, on current performances, not looking up to claiming a position they’ve held for each of the last four seasons, Arsenal and Chelsea – and Leicester City, for that matter – are poised to move into the upper-echelon of the Premier League.

Troubles in Tottenham