Now that it will be a permanent fixture on your left hand, we speak to Hatton Garden Diamond and take a look at the things you should be doing (as well as what you should avoid too) when it comes to taking care of your ring. 

Buy insurance for your ring

It is thoroughly recommended that you buy insurance to protect your engagement ring in the event of it being damaged, lost or stolen. Typically, it is advised to get a jewellery valuation every five years, as the cost of precious metals and diamonds tends to increase over time. 

Avoid touching the centre stone

Jewellery experts strongly recommend avoiding the temptation of touching the centre stone of your ring. This is because it often attracts dirt, and dust, but you are recommended to grab the band on either side of the stone, as opposed to the stone itself as you risk damaging t completely.

Use proper cleaning equipment for your ring

Given that your ring has both financial and sentimental value, take good care of it by using the right cleaning equipment to maintain it. This will likely mean taking it to a jewellery expert to ensure it has a thorough steam clean, done by an expert.

Remove the ring during hand-heavy activities

It is advised by experts that you remove your ring whenever you are engaging in activities that focus heavily on using your hands to avoid causing damage to them. This means avoiding things like gardening, cleaning dishes or moving furniture whilst wearing your ring. 

Avoid removing the ring in public

Whilst it is advised that you should remove the engagement ring whilst engaging in hand heavy activities you should do this with caution: it is thoroughly recommended that you do not remove it in public. For example, you may want to remove the ring whilst washing your hands in a public toilet, but you run the risk of possibly forgetting about your ring and losing it entirely, or even it falling accidentally down a drain.

Do not use bleach on your ring

Diamonds on an engagement ring are delicate, and you should strongly avoid using harsh chemicals to take care of your ring. For example, it is not advised that you use things like bleach or similar cleaning agents on a ring as they can harm porous coloured gemstones, or dull the finish of an engagement ring.