More than 100 pets have gone missing in the area, prompting fears that there could be a cat killer on the loose.

Some moggies have been missing for more than six months and even though many are micro-chipped, there has been no trace of them.

A ‘Missing Ipswich Cats’ Facebook group was set up to monitor the disappearances, however some members have used the page to share theories.

One user even pinpointed the street he believes the culprit to live on, while another suggested boycotting takeaways until the perpetrator is found, suggesting that the cat meat is being served in kebab shops.

The page’s founder, Deni Parkes, told The Telegraph: “We need to stay level headed and stick to proof and facts.

“Theories are not going to help us.”

The police and the RSPCA are working together to find the kitties and get them home safely.

In the meantime, cat-owners will be keeping an extra-close eye on their cute companions.