No? Don’t want to see the mother-in-law? Okay, so here’s the deal.

Our esteemed national carrier Qantas is introducing new charges for sending your little one off alone on one of their flights.

From 3 November, Qantas will be charging a ‘Supervision Fee’ of $50 for domestic flights and $90 for international flights for allowing each unaccompanied child aged between 11 and 15 to fly with it.

The airline says it’s “to cover some of the costs of the additional services and facilities required to facilitate a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience for children travelling without a parent, guardian or sibling aged 15 years or older”.

And that’s not all.

In fact, it’s only the half of it.

If you’re a bit on the disorganised side like me, and don’t book until you get to the airport there will be an additional ‘service fee’ of $50 for domestic flights and $90 for international flights for what the airline that likes to say “you’re the reason we fly” calls ‘Unaccompanied Minor bookings’.

What do you get for your money? Well, dedicated rooms during transit at Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Cairns and Adelaide Airports, and your child to be escorted through Immigration and Customs by Qantas customer service staff for international flights.

Tips from us?

Make sure your child has a 15 year-old brother or sister to travel with or

Nominate an adult to mind your child

Oh! and if you don’t admit your minor is an unaccompanied minor, the nipper’s likely to get chucked off the flight (no, not literally; that would be too harsh).