You may have disagreements over how many people to invite. On the one hand, you don’t want a anyone in your life to miss out or feel excluded, but on the other hand, it isn’t always feasible o include everyone. With the possibility of a ballooning budget if you were to simply everyone you know, the best thing to do is to determine how much you’re willing to spend and then decide how many guests you can accommodate with that amount.

Wedding venue 

Although there are a lot of terrific wedding venues, not all of them are suitable for you. Finding the right place should be the first thing on your list. Take time to discuss it with your partner and visit the places on your shortlist as soon as possible. During peak seasons, it isn’t straightforward to reserve a wedding venue; you don’t want to settle with a place you don’t like because it’s the only one available. You could also consider the best wedding venues in Oxfordshire if you really want to host it somewhere special.

Total cost 

Your entire plan depends on how much you’re willing to spend so therefore, it’s crucial that you determine the amount first before you decide the rest. You already know that getting married could cost you a lot, and that doesn’t even include how much you’ll spend after the big day. If you think you’re not yet ready to get married due to the overall expenses, you’ll have to consider a different date. You also don’t want to blow everything on the wedding since you’ll still have other expenses afterwards, so be cautious with your budgeting. 

Issues with parents

It’s sometimes common for parents to disagree with your choices in relationships, and it won’t be comfortable asking for their consent so you could get married, so before you even plan the wedding you need to ask for parental consent. It might not be a legal requirement, but it’s a sign of respect – you also don’t want to create problems with your in-laws later. 

Uncertainty with your feelings

Wedding jitters are common, and everyone who is about to get married feels this way, and it may feel worse as the date approaches. However, if you always have uncertainty with how you think, (and not because of wedding jitters) you need to rethink your plan. You can’t get married to a person whom you’re not in love with. Give yourself time to think about it and make the right decision. 

You will face several challenges along the way, and that’s okay; you have to do what’s best for you and your partner. You can’t give up because of one problem you face while planning.