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Travel Savings Week

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Hazel Willis, TNT Events Marketing Manager said: “Since the launch of the internet the world has become a much smaller place with travel becoming more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Travel savings are far bigger and better than those our parents and our parents parents will have received.”

“We’ve set up Travel Savings Week to provide a platform for the generations to come, to meet up, share advice and get the very best deals and advice the internet has to offer. With so many people now booking their travel online Travel Savings Week is the ideal platform to get everything in one easily accessible place.”

Hazel added: “TNT are leaders in independent travel and through our years of experience we’ve noticed that TNT readers are less likely to book travel unless there is a substantial saving. In fact, from research gathered at TNT Travel Shows, a number of our readers see saving for travel as more important than saving for a mortgage.”

The site will host travel forums; travel saving tips and advice on how to save before and during travelling; and all important information on travel visas.

Taking place at Ibis Hotel, Earls Court on the 13th of March TNT Travel Show is a FREE one day event offering an unrivalled selection of sun and adventure travel options and inspirations, along with massive savings on hundreds of holidays and festivals, all from leading travel providers.

There’ll be travel agents, flight and accommodation providers, insurance and visa companies all showcasing travel products such as hot destinations, weekends away, summer festivals, legendary tours plus much more.

Travel Show Survey

Over 500 readers took part in a travel survey so we could find out exactly what savings were made on travel – alarming results were found

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