After four films Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are still to conjure up a masterpiece as a pair.

Like previous collaborations Gangs Of New York, The Aviator and The Departed, thriller Shutter Island, as memorable as it is, has just too many annoying flaws to be counted among the director’s best offerings.

Based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, the film sees US marshals Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) visit a hospital for the criminally insane on Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of murderous patient Rachel Solando (Emily Mortimer).

Plagued by feverish dreams of his own tragic past and confronted by a dodgy chief psychiatrist (Ben Kingsley), Daniels has to keep his grip on reality while unearthing the facility’s dark secrets.

A not-too-subtle homage to Alfred Hitchcock, Shutter Island has a satisfyingly twisted plot and creepy images that will haunt you for days.

DiCaprio, while still looking like a teenager in his dad’s hat and coat, puts in an intense, moving performance and receives good support.

However, a disappointing ending that fails to do justice to an enthralling build-up means Shutter Island is never as great as you want it to be.

Good for: Hitchcock fans.