Prince Andrew could be forced to resign his post as Britain’s trade envoy following his links to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

According to the Mirror, legal documents have uncovered that two of Epstein’s personal assistants have refused to “deny the prince had sex with teenage girls at the American’s home”, which could make it difficult for the prince to continue his role as a UK trade ambassador.

Business Secretary Vince Cable told the BBC: “I think it is down to him to judge the position he wants to be in. Obviously there are conversations which will take place with him about what he’s to do in future”.

WikiLeak’s brand Prince Andrew as ‘rude and cocky”

Prince Andrew in Wikileaks scandal

The business secretary did, however, point out that the prince is in a different position to most other people working for the government.

“I think we need to remember he is doing this as a volunteer, he is not a government appointee, he is not somebody who is appointed and sacked,” Cable said.

“The assessment of the businesses I have seen that have worked with him is that he has been supportive and helpful.”

This is not the first time Prince Andrew’s suitability as a British trade convoy has come under scrutiny.

A WikiLeak’s report leaked back in November, branded the prince as “rude and cocky” while on foreign missions.

Labour MP and former Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant has made it clear that he thinks is time for the prince to leave his position as a UK trade convoy.

Bryant told the BBC: “I am sure there are some countries in the world where having a visiting royal makes a difference, it makes it possible to have some meetings which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

“But I am afraid he has now just become a national embarrassment. My worry is that, sometimes when he goes on these trips, I am not sure whether he is helping us out or he is just helping himself.”

He added: “The truth is we shouldn’t be using him for these delegations any more.”