Prince Harry is rumoured to have got back with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy after the two of them were spotted in a car boot together. And who said romance is dead!?

By climbing into the car boot the pair were apparently trying to keep a low profile as they left the Beaufort House nightclub in Chelsea at 4am on Sunday morning.

However in pulling a stunt like this Harry and Chelsy have ensured more tabloid headlines than they would have if they’d just left the club like a normal (cough) couple. Kinda ironic, huh?

Onlookers apparently spotted security staff shielding Harry and Chelsy from view as the pair jumped into the boot of a swanky Jaguar. The boot was then slammed shut before the car dropped the alleged lovebirds off at Clarence House, where Harry shares a pad with his soon-to-be hitched bruv Prince William.

Harry, who has distinguished himself over the years by wearing a swastika to a party and getting caught in video footage calling an Army colleague a “Paki” was said to have been keen to start up his relationship with Chelsy again and reportedly bought the Zimbabwean-born blonde a diamond necklace for Christmas.

And as we all know, diamonds are a girls’ best friend!

The pair’s five year on-again-off-again-oh-make-up-your-mind-for-heaven’s-sakes relationship broke up late last year after Chelsy decided to take a gap year in Africa after finishing law school.

Harry has also reportedly invited Davy, whose face looks slightly orange in photos we’ve noticed, to Wills and Kate’s wedding in April…