Getting a little hot under the collar watching that burlesque show? You definitely would have at this burlesque show, and would have then had to be evacuated from the building. 

Burlesque performer, Go Go Amy, recently did a show at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland with a gorgeous pair of flaming nipple tassels.

The performance went so well that once she was finished the smoke alarms were set off by the lingering smoke from the extinguished tassels.

This isn’t the first time Go Go Amy has set off the smoke alarms during a performance, but in a nightclub the reason is usually pretty clear. Pull the same trick in a school and the local fire station has to get involved.

The firefighters who responded to the alarms found out pretty quickly what had happened though, as Go Go Amy greeted them at the scene with an explanation.

“It’s probably the first time a woman in a bikini ran up to a firefighter and said, ‘It’s my fault. I was eating fire, but I won’t do it [again] until I get back to the states,'” she said.

Blimey. The last place on my body that I’d want to put fire would have to be my nipples… Make that second last actually.

Remember kids – don’t play with fire. 

See Go Go Amy in action in a video below.

Image: YouTube