Prince William and Kate Middleton have been inundated with wedding gifts sent from both the public as well as firms wanting to promote their products.

Gifts include anything from the usual wedding presents such as toasters and kettles, to an offer of a free luxury honeymoon in South Africa.

A palace source told the Daily Mirror: “Kate and William are immensely flattered, and want to reply to everyone. But everything received from a commercial company has to be sent back with a note saying it can’t be accepted.”

Royal wedding at Westminster Abbey

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Prince William and Kate have also hinted that instead of having fans sending them wedding gifts, they should give money to charity instead.

Several rooms in St James’s Palace have already been filled up with ten thousands of letters and packages, and the Royals have had to employ extra staff to deal with the influx.

The royal wedding will take place in Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, with the reception held at Buckingham Palace after the ceremony.

The Royal family and the parents of Kate Middleton will cover the cost of the wedding, however, the money of the taxpayer will pay for the extra security and transport on the day.

Will and Kate have not yet announced the location of their honeymoon.