Prince William and Kate Middleton will get married on Friday, April 29 2011 at Westminster Abbey, St James’s Palace announced.

The royal wedding will be paid for by the Royal family and the Middleton family while the public will pay for associated costs like security.

The royal wedding date was announced on the British Monarchy Twitter and a Tweet reading “The venue for Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton’s wedding has been announced. Find out where it is..” leads to a picture of Westminster Abbey.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, private secretary to Prince William told reporters in a briefing at St James’s Palace: “The venue has long associations with the Royal family – it is in many ways the Royal family’s church – and of course with Prince William personally.

“For Miss Middleton, the associations she has with the Abbey are quite simply the same as any British person would have for such a glorious and holy place.”

Lowther-Pinkerton said those planning the royal wedding were very conscious of Britain’s current financial situation.

“All parties involved in the wedding, not least Prince William and Miss Middleton, want to ensure that a balance is struck between an enjoyable day and the current economic situation,” he said.

“To that end the Royal family and the Middleton family will pay for the wedding.”

William and Miss Middleton are “completely over the moon” about their wedding, continued the royal secretary.

“I’ve never seen two happier people, which is absolutely fabulous to work in that sort of environment,” he said.

“They’re on Cloud Nine, like any other newly-engaged couple.

“They’re now getting stuck into organising their wedding. They are very much in charge of the arrangements for the big day.

“They’re giving us and the Household office very firm direction indeed.”

Davaid Cameron has announced that the royal wedding day will be a public holiday.

Honeymoon in New Zealand

New Zealand has been named as the most likely destination for William and Kate’s royal honeymoon with Ladbrokes giving it 20-to-1 odds.

Prince William visited New Zealand this January and left singing its praises.

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