Shrien Dewani, the man whose new bride Anni was brutally murdered on honeymoon in South Africa by gun-toting thugs, has emphatically denied suggestions that he was somehow involved in the incident earlier this month.

“Anni was the ‘One’. Her looks, her laughter her personality, her spirit – everything about her was right for me. Why would I want to kill her? People who suggest this could not have seen us together.” the millionaire, 30, told The Sun.

Last night the driver of the honeymoon murder couple’s cab – kicked out of the car after it was ambushed by two gunmen – was behind bars accused of murder.

Zola Tongo, 31, was hauled before a court and also charged with kidnap and robbery.

Police, who have also arrested two suspects in the honeymoon murder carjacking, claim he tipped the robbers off about where he was taking the newlyweds.

Dewani, from Bristol, relived the moments when his world was turned upside down.

He said saw an African man hammering on the windscreen of their VW Sharan taxi during their late night visit, before gunmen broke into the vehicle.

“I tried to cover Anni with my body. She started to scream and cry out hysterically,” the businessman said.

After shoving their driver in the back, the bandits drove  at speed and almost lost control, also holding a gun to Dewani’s head and threatening to kill his wife, he said.

“Anni got more and more hysterical. I thought we were both going to be killed in a crash. hey just kept going faster and faster – as she screamed louder and louder.

“Then the man with the gun turned round and told me: ‘Shut her up now or I’ll kill her.’

“I was trying to calm Anni down but she just kept pleading with them to let us go.

The eventually car pulled over but the robbers dragged Dewani from his screaming bride. 

“I was clinging to Anni for all I was worth – begging them to let us both get out of the car together. But they wouldn’t listen.”

Anni was found dead in the dumped taxi at 7am, executed with a bullet to the neck.

“I can’t bear to think about her last moments and what she must have been through with those men. But I know she loved me and must have been thinking of me,” Dewani said.


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