A life-sized wax model of Prince William is on display at London’s Stephen Friedman Gallery for those keen to momentarily swap their lives for that of Prince Willam’s fiancée Kate Middleton.

William stands in the same stance as when pictured at the royal engagement announcement on November 16 last year, and visitors are invited to take Kate’s place next to the prince, hold his arm and slip their fingers into a replica of the famous blue sapphire and diamond ring, which is attached to his arm.

American artists Jennifer Rubell, who created the piece, explained the concept of her artwork.

“Ultimately being with William is really much more about a certain kind of security than sexual desire. It’s the feminine equivalent of winning the lottery,” said Rubell.

“William is a living Prince Charming. When reality offers you a living, breathing human being that occupies a reality that’s existed for thousands of years – that’s very attractive.”

The exhibition also features five drinks that are associated with the Royal family and the British empire (gin, Madeira wine, whisky, sloe gin and rum), which visitors can sip on.

“You can make a toast to the happy couple you’ve just become,” says Rubell.

The exhibition called ‘Engagement’ starts today and will be on display at Stephen Friedman Gallery until the Royal wedding on April 29.