A rooster killed its owner during a cockfight when it sliced the man’s jugular with the razor blades attached to its legs.

The rooster has not been found since the cockfight and police say they are hunting the “dangerous” bird.

Apparently the rooster killed owner Singrai Soren after being forced back into the ring soon after his last fight.

The bird had won its last fight but was frightened when Soren tried to force it back into the ring.

As the rooster tried to escape, it sliced Soren’s throat with the razor blades on its legs. Spectators watched as the man bled to death.

A friend of Soren’s told The Sun: “The rooster tried to get away from the ring several times but Soren tried to push him into the ring repeatedly.

“This upset him and he attacked.”

In California, another man was killed during an illegal cockfight when a man was sliced in the leg by a blade attached to one of the birds.

The man later died in hospital.

Sympathy may be in short supply from some, who say that torturing animals to death for fun is sick and unjustifiable.