Taking place at The Book Club in Shoreditch, Saturday 9th September, the coffee shop will be opening its doors to their furry friends and companions for a day of doggy pampering with a menu full of Pug-tastic delights.

For ‘Pug Owners’ tickets cost £5 and the timeslots last for 70 minutes – starting at 9am through to 4pm –  and primarily caters for 1 pug and 2 humans, but exceptions will be made for families and groups of 4 on the day.

Don’t fear if you feel left out without a pug and want to come along, as you can also book to come along as a ‘Pug Lover’ for £10.

This event is for one day only and you will need to book in advance to come to the café, when the booking system goes live at 11am, Saturday 19th August.

For further details go to www.pugcafe.co.uk