Let us have a look at the importance of this worldwide quarantine, and what can be done to spend the time home, in a better way. 

What is Quarantine, and Why is it Important?

Quarantine- this is the need of the hour, a word which is just introduced to us. Well, come and let us first see what Google says about Quarantine. It means- “a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to the infectious or contagious disease are placed.”

So, as the meaning suggests, during a quarantine, you are advised to stay indoors and keep yourself safe and sound. Stepping out of your house can make you come in contact with this contagious disease COVID 19. And thus, Quarantine is an important aspect of the hour to stay safe and stay virus-free.

How can you Make Full Use of this Quarantine?

Well, those looking for this answer, need not do that. Why? Simply because spending effective time during this Quarantine is as easy as ordering online rakhi or cooking a bowl of Maggi. Yes, that is quite easy. Indeed it is. Utilise this Quarantine to do the following, and we know you have planned for these a year back, but never got that time. So, here is the reminder-

●     Declutter- everything that has been adding trash to your life, even if it is a toxic relationship.

●     Read- the whole world, as you planned while you were growing up.

●     Write- every bit of your heart, and see wonders of how those words act as a jewel.

●     Cook- ever since you came into your senses, you relished every cooking video, it is time to experiment that.

●     Clean- your room always waited for you to treat it well and in a more sound manner, do that today.

●     Create- all those DIY videos that you have been enjoying so far. And now that you have decluttered so you have the best of waste.

●     Pamper- even though you have been doing so, but now is the time to pamper your body throughout. After all, you are not meant to pamper yourself on weekends only.

●     Rediscover- it’s been long that you have not taken a look at your childhood photo albums. This is the time to do so, give it a try, and we promise you will be taken aback.

●     Reunite- over calls though! Yes, it’s been long that you have not chatted with those friends who knew your secrets and were always up to keep them safe, video call them and share your side of the story of Quarantine.

Huff… The list is endless; it is all that you need to set your priorities first and do all that you thought of doing a few times back. We promise you will have the best of time at home and will not regret being at your place.

Keep yourself hydrated, wash your hands often, sanitize your home and digital assets, cook yourself a good cheat meal, have citrus rich fruit, and chillax. Remember- “Good days passed like yesterday. Bad days too will pass like they never existed.”