The 13-year-old, who is of Indian-Maori descent said: “When I came back from morning tea she told me she didn’t want me in class. She said I was making her feel sick,” reports

Father Jaswinder Paul, said his daughter told him about the incident as they were driving home at lunchtime on Friday.

“She was a little bit upset because she said her teacher kicked her out of the class because she smelt like curry,” Mr Paul said. “It really hurt me here,” he said, indicating his chest.

Principal Andrew Read apologized, and said the teacher accepted what had happened but claimed she has a “nose problem”.

Mr Paul said this was not a sufficient response and plans to escalate the complaint to the Education Ministry.

“I want proper justice for my daughter,” he said. “Little things always happen, like being called ‘curry munchers’ – just forget about it. But if the teacher starts saying this, how sad is that? So, no more. I can’t take that

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