Well, for the unlucky Barker family in the US, that’s exactly what happened.

As reported in Metro, Lux, a 10kg Himalayan, scratched the face of the Barkers’ young baby Jessie – and irate dad Lee aimed a kick at it.

This, apparently, drove the creature into a frenzy – and Lux then repeatedly hurled himself at the door when the family (replete with scared dog) ran into a bedroom to hide.

Dad Lee then called the police, and during the call, Lux can be heard furiously hissing. ‘He’s charging at us,’ Lee is heard saying. ‘He’s trying to attack us.’

According to TV reports, when police arrived to remove Lux, he fled to the top of the fridge – and a dog snare had to be used to capture him.

The family are still deciding Lux’s future – but we reckon it might be a while before he’s welcomed home with open arms.

Image credit: YouTube