Unlucky Mark Galin, 57, was struck over the head with the sharp tool so hard that the handle snapped – at which point he was stabbed a second time with the jagged broken end of the wooden stick.

Johnny Allen Richards, 33, and Erin Brooke Lawson, 32, have both been charged with aggravated assault following the alleged attack in Tennessee, USA. Lawson is additionally charged with assaulting Richards with the same stick.

Mr Galin initially called police to complain about excessive noise emanating from his neighbours’ apartment – but investigators discovered that it was only the couple enjoying loud sex. But Mr Galin later called the officers from Hawkins County Sheriff’s department back again – this time because Richards and Lawson were having a domestic spat.

When the officers left Mr Galin was attacked at his apartment door. Police found blood on the end of the rake and lacerations on Mr Galin consistent with his account. Richards and Lawson are currently been held in the county jail. We just hope the sound of their love-making doesn’t disturb fellow inmates…