Cop Out – TNT cinema review

Starring: Bruce Willis,
Tracy Morgan, Seann
William Scott

On paper, this should be
a blast. A homage to buddy cop films directed by Kevin Smith and starring John McClane and that funny bloke off 30 Rock? Pass the popcorn.

Only, somehow,
Cop Out is far less than the sum of its parts.

The biggest problem is a script that’s tragically unfunny.
Willis and Morgan are Jimmy and Paul, cop partners who are suspended without pay when a sting goes wrong. Desperate to pay for his daughter’s wedding, Jimmy decides to sell a rare baseball card, only for it to be nicked by criminal Dave (Scott). The duo set out to retrieve the prized possession at all cost.

From start to finish, Cop Out is guilty of wasting its cracking cast. Willis and Morgan are committed to
the cause, but stale dialogue means there’s nothing for
them to sink their teeth into.

An insipid plot adds to the film’s woes, and it’s only Scott, with his brilliant performance as a smart-mouthed burglar, who stops the film from collapsing altogether.

Given the actors at Smith’s disposable, this is a missed opportunity.

Good for: Those who love Seann Willam Scott.


Pierre de Villiers