Cambodian country

If you fancy something really adventurous, start in Pursat province in Cambodia, go south through Kampong Chhnang and finish in Kampong Cham. In each place, hire a bike and explore the countryside, such as rice fields and the Ceramic Factory in Ondong Rossey, and a floating village in Kompong Luong (you don’t see many tourists there). While touring the countryside, you can also explore spectacular hidden temples.
Eva Slniecko, via email

A quick word of warning: never stray from clearly marked paths in the Cambodian countryside, as there are still a lot of landmines left over from the war. Don’t let this put you off getting off the beaten track – just don’t do it too literally! – Travel Ed

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If you’re flying economy, always check before booking – it tells you which is the best for legroom, so you can have a comfy journey!
Jade Zimmerman, via FB

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Oskar Nederling, 26. Helsingborg, Sweden

BEST I absolutely loved my trip to Lisbon. The people are really friendly and the food was much better than
I’d expected! The nightlife was also brilliant. I’ll definitely be going back there soon.   

WORST That has to be my trip to Morocco. I had such high hopes but I have to say I was a little disappointed. Maybe I didn’t go to the right places but I actually found
it quite boring.

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Andrew Clark, 25. Birmingham, UK

Scariest travel experience?
I was on a bus in China when the driver decided that he was going to drive straight through a toll booth, smashing the barrier in the process. We then got chased by the police for what seemed like forever, but somehow managed to get away. 

Essential travel item?
A good friend told me to clean away bacteria from a meal that might have been a bit dodgy with a shot of schnapps. So I carry a bottle with me whenever I travel.

Vijay Dandapani, President, Apple Core Hotels 

My most challenging travel experience was attempting to get home to New York from a trip to India with a snow storm at both the stopover point in Brussels and New York! Days later, after a diversion to Bruges, I finally made it home.
My favourite place in the world is New York City. It’s without question the most exciting city in the world. It is also a place I have lived and worked in for the past 20 years and yet I find something new almost all the time. 
The next trip on my travel wishlist is Chitral Valley in northern Pakistan – a beautiful valley surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountains.  I always pack a universal worldwide adapter plug.
My top travel tip is never wear shoes with laces at US airports. It can set you back several minutes and you can even miss a flight if you arrive late, plus there’s the potential for pulling your back in attempting to untie them!

Main photograph: A Cambodian woman shows off a Krama (TANG CHHIN SOTHY/AFP/Getty Images)