Phoenix Jones, a real-life superhero, has taken to the streets of Lynnwood in Washington, US, to clean up crime, fight the bad guys and generally get about town wearing gold latex, despite the fact that he’s been stabbed and threatened with a gun.

The self-styled superhero is driven around town by accomplice Kia and isn’t afraid to throw himself into danger.

Wearing a bulletproof vest, stab protection and carrying a stun gun and pepper spray, Phoenix Jones told a TV station he has been stabbed and threatened with a gun since he began his alternative life. But, apparently, the bad guys are running scared.

“When I walk into a neighbourhood, criminals leave because they see the suit.

“I symbolize that the average person doesn’t have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing.”

And it’s not all talk. Phoneix Jones recently prevented the theft of a car with a witness describing their shock at seeing the superhero rush to the rescue.

”From the right, this guy comes dashing in, wearing this black and gold suit, and starts chasing him away,” the witness said.

Stranger still, Phoenix Jones is not alone but works as part of a group that call themselves the Rain City Superhero Movement (

On its website the group describes what it takes to be a real life superhero.

“Officially, a Real Life Superhero is whoever chooses to embody the values presented in superheroic comic books, not only by donning a mask/costume, but also performing good deeds for the communitarian place whom he inhabits…

Superhero personas (not just dull “codenames”; “personas” meant as “personalities”), costumes and mystique are what make you DIFFERENT (and not superior) from 99% of the people out there who perform good deeds or even crime fighting.”

Not everyone is cut out to be a superhero and Phoenix Jones himself said: “I don’t condone people walking around on the street with masks. Everyone on my team either has a military background or a mixed martial arts background, and we’re well aware of what its costs to do what we do.”

However, police are not welcoming the superheros as fellow crime-fighters and say vigilantes in comic-book costumes are lucky not to have been mistaken for criminals themselves.

So who is Phoenix Jones?