[REC] 2TNT cinema review

If the horrible Blair Witch 2 and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 taught us anything it’s that sequels to low budget, inventive horror flicks can be difficult to get right.

Fortunately directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza
– the team behind the excellent shoestring zombie film [REC] – stick closely to what worked first time round in this nerve-jangling follow-up.

Set mere moments after the original ends, [REC ] 2 sees a government scientist (Mellor) and four SWAT members work their way through the ghoulish apartment block in Barcelona that has been quarantined after the strange, violent behaviour of those who live there. Their mission is to find the host that has caused the outbreak, get a blood sample and get out.

That’s easier said then done when the building’s deranged residents jump out at you.

Rollicking along at break-neck speed (it should really be called ‘Fast Forward’) [REC ] 2 doesn’t have a dull moment. OK, the characters aren’t as engaging as in the first film and the plot is a tad silly, but
the shaky camera work and committed performances make for a claustrophobic, truly frightening experience.


GOOD FOR: Those with good bladder control.

Review: Pierre De Villiers