Chelsea Football Club's billionaire owner, Roman Abramovich, is renting his luxury yacht out – you can live aboard for a paltry £1.25million a week.

The 44-year-old Russian, the world's 53rd richest person, paid £750million for Eclipse – the world's biggest private yacht at a length of 533 ft.

And just in case you run into your enemies while aboard, Eclipse has its own missile defence system and a James Bond-style escape submarine if it comes under attack – talk abbout paranoid.

And here's what you get for your £175,000-a-day fee: two heli-pads, 70 staff, a couple of swimming pools for an awesome party, a gym, hair salon and a sauna inwhich to sweat out the toxins from a week of debauchery.

There are 15 cabins for 30 guests – each one fitted with luxury bathrooms and 6ft-wide TVs.

And if you like a boogie (who doesn't?) one of the swimming pools doubles as a dance floor when it's drained.

The yacht's of most stars and rich people are referred to as 'super-yachts' but Abramovich's home away from home is known in the business as a 'mega-yacht'.

Eclipse's annual running costs are estimated to be about £50million. Filling the fuel tank costs £400,000.