America’s midterm elections are in and President Obama’s Democrats have lost control of the House of Representatives but retained power in the Senate.

In a massive blow to the Democrats, Republicans will gain at least 60 House seats, putting Republicans in charge of House committees and in a position to halt Obama’s agenda.

Obama’s Democrats did better in the Senate and have remained in control after the midterm elections. The Republicans gained at least six seats from the Democrats but fell short of the 10 needed for a majority.

Now in control of the House of Representatives, Republicans will be able to push through conservative legislation on majority votes, such as measures to shrink government or cut taxes.

However, the Senate, still held by the Democrats, could stop those bills – including an expected attempt to repeal Obama’s overhaul of US healthcare.

John Boehner, the incoming House speaker said: “Our new majority will be prepared to do things differently. It starts with cutting spending instead of increasing it, reducing the size of government instead of increasing it, and reforming the way Congress works.”

The midterm elections will be seen as a referendum on Obama’s time in power as those who are disgruntled with America’s economic stagnation voice their anger.

Obama called new Speaker, Boehner, and said he was “looking forward to working with him and the Republicans to find common ground, move the country forward and get things done for the American people”, said the White House.


– Frankie Mullin