As there seems to be a growing dissatisfaction, frustration even, with traditional lottery operators and establishments in the UK, online lottery is gradually situating itself not only as an alternative, but as an enhancement of the lottery experience as a whole. Lottoz online site, is the most recent example to launch in the UK. Offering a large variety of global lotteries, jackpots, odds and draw times, is part of the industry’s future – a future that does not involve standing in line to buy a ticket or collect winnings. Online lottery betting sites like also are also the bearers of a new gospel: Customers no longer have to be confined to playing their state or local lotteries – they get access to the biggest lottery draws in the world by betting on their results online.

In 2016, a $1.6B Powerball jackpot made headlines around the world and sparked a global lottery frenzy. Huge jackpots have been around for years, but it was this massive reward that captured the imagination and dreams of countless non-American lottery enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Their inability to participate in that historical Powerball draw marked the presence of a void – a void ultimately filled by online lottery sites like Offering numerous global lotteries for customers to bet on, Lottoz’s emergence in the online arena promises to eliminate the geographical boundaries that have so far limited players and afforded them the ability to only play their local or state draws. The name of the game is choice: A choice of draws, of jackpots, of draw days and times, and a choice of when and where to play.

Offering this type of diversification to customers is a move that attempts to break the mold of the veteran lottery industry by shifting the power towards the player who now has a world of choice laid out in front of him, accessible with a single click. Much like Uber and Airbnb did to their respective industries, online lotto sites strive to inherently change consumer behavior. Having more lotteries to bet on, a variety of draws to choose from, and countless jackpots available to him, the player is able to have complete control instead of being confined to the lack of choice that still characterizes offline lottery. Moreover, it’s not only the playing that becomes seamless and easy with online lotto; getting results in an instant and receiving payouts promptly into your personal account are also clear added benefits for customers looking to simplify the experience as a whole.

Regulation is also a massive element for online lottery brands looking to replace traditional avenues., for example is fully regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and employs practices and measures towards responsible gaming. There is a clear understanding of the fact that ease and choice alone will not be enough to breed a holistic change and that trust is a huge part of the equation. To generate a profound change in attitudes and habits among consumers, an online lotto brand has to provide transparency and security. Regulation insures that is it involves a rigorous due diligences process.

By delivering a customized online experience that’s easily accessible, effortlessly manageable and offers a plethora of lucrative opportunities, online lottery has everything going for it. It seems that audiences are becoming increasingly more receptive and welcoming to alternative forms of lottery playing, and it remains to be seen what will be the scale of this online lotto revolution, and how far it will take the industry.

Online lottery has gained tremendous momentum as of late since it explicitly addresses the key issues so many players now have with traditional forms for lottery – but also because it completely simplifies the process. Utilizing disruptive tech, is makes lottery participation easily accessible and genuinely simple.