The sole survivor of a car crash in which four members of a family died in a reservoir has been named by police as Denise Griffith, 55.

The reservoir car crash was believed to be caused by a Ford Mondeo colliding with the family’s Peugeot 807, forcing their people carrier to plunge into a reservoir near Llanidloes in Wales.

A 23-year old man was arrested on suspicion of causing the four deaths by dangerous driving but then released on bail.

Denise Griffith was at the wheel of the car driving her family out of Pontypridd for the Easter holidays.  She managed to get out of the car after it crashed into the reservoir and was the only person to survive the accident. 

It was concluded that the other occupants of the car perished by drowning.

Denise Griffith lost her 84-year old mother, 66-year old husband, and two male teenage foster children in the car crash.

Griffith was described as being “deeply traumatised” at the loss and was being treated for shock and minor injuries by paramedics. 

The bodies of the accident victims were recovered from the wreckage of the car at Bwlch y Gle Dam, Clywedog, Llanidoes.  Their car has been lifted out of the reservoir and taken away for close forensic examination along with a Ford Mondeo.

Police made it a priority to inform the next of kin before releasing details of the accident.

Steve Dimmick, one of the first to arrive at the scene of the crash, told Sky News about the pandemonium at the scene.

He said: “We’re really shook up. We’ve heard the rumours that it could be a family. It’s just horrifying.”

This Welsh reservoir is a local beauty spot, however, horrifically, a similar accident occurred close to the same area a decade ago when a car plunged into the reservoir, killing one person.