This HBO production, directed by Steven Soderberg, is a captivating combination of black humour and sensational performances from Douglas and Damon alike.

The eccentric, brilliant, vain, manipulative and sexually unstable Liberace, entices the young Thornson into being his live in ‘secretary’.

The relationship which subsequently develops shows Thorson slowly transforms from a innocent country boy into a overweight, alcoholic, drug addict. This transformation is literally encapsulated when Liberace pays his plastic surgeon (Rob Lowe) to turn Thorson into a bizarre toy-boy doppelgänger of Liberace himself.

The sexually motivated and possessive Liberace, ultimately dumps Thorson after their relationship falls apart and the drug-fuelled lifestyle Thorson has developed deteriorates further.

As this story is told through the perspective of Thorson it’s perhaps easy to sympathise with him and demonize the Liberace we see portrayed in this film.

However the devotion which Liberace shows his fans, and the fear of ostracising himself as an openly gay showmen in the 70s and 80s is perhaps the real reason for his unusual personality.

An utterly sensational performance from Douglas is certainly the key to this film. The leering and catty Liberace is an unforgettable character for him, one of his best.

Good for: People who like dark humour, Oscar nominee worthy acting and tasteful sex scenes

Rating: 5 stars