Officials in the Polish city of Lodz have said that 69-year-old Czeslaw Kaminski was so angry at being left out of a spring outing by his wife and children that he decided to blow up their family home.

Kaminski’s wife, Grazyna reportedly left Czeslaw a note while he was asleep, saying that she and the children had gone off for a lovely picnic without him.

According to Grazyna, Czeslaw rang her in a most animated manner, demanding that her and the children return home.

“He called me on the mobile phone and demanded that I got home, but when I refused he said he was going to get revenge. I did not take him seriously and then I returned home to find this,” she said, according to International Business Times.

Having failed to summons his wife and children home, Czeslaw went into the basement of his home where he reportedly lit a fire, before throwing two gas canisters on top of the property.

The conflagration seems to have quickly gotten out of Kaminski’s control, as he was unable to extricate himself from the house before it exploded, leaving Czeslaw with serious injuries.

The resulting blast caused half of the home to collapse, splattering rubble and debris across the lawn. Kaminski had to be air-lifted by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

When asked by local officials, neighbours reported that the Kaminski’s relationship had always been “excitable”, which may well be the understatement of the year.

If one thinks about it, ‘explosive’ would have been a much more appropriate word to use.

Image: Euro Pics