The London Bridge branch was full of sports fans watching the Autumn Internationals recently. And every accent we heard was Aussie.

If you can’t be arsed with battling your fellow countrymen for elbow space, you can head downstairs to the quieter restaurant area – there’s still sports on, but the TVs are on silent. Perhaps this is the perfect compromise for you and the Mrs?

For us, though, the focus was the new menu and ‘rocktails’ list.  Let’s start with the latter. Presented in a very cool vinyl sleeve, the ‘record’ presents Shoot the Sheriff shots including Peanut Butter Jelly (Amarula, Crème da Mure and Frangelico) and a good old fashioned Tequila Slammer, while on the back you will find the classic rocktails. With prices from just £5.50 – hugely cheap for central London – you can treat yourself to a few.

We knocked back a straight-up fresh and tasty whiskey sours as well as a Wham Jam Thank You Mam, which tasted of alcoholic maraschino cherries thanks to its mix of cherry Southern Comfort, Luxardo Amaretto, lemon juice, raspberry jam and cranberry juice.

Sticky and delicious chicken wings got our appetite going (from £4.50 for four wings), leading us up nicely to a beefy and seriously satisfying Belushi’s burger (from £7.50). Freshly made, all the meat is 100% Red Tractor-assured Scottish beef. We went for the Bourbon BBQ Melt, complete with cheddar cheese, smoky bacon, giant onion wings and Jack Daniel’s TM-infused BBQ sauce. We squeezed in some crispy wedges too.

If you’ve got room, the Whoa Black Betty chocolate brownie (£3.50) is made even better when drizzled with a shot of kahlua for an extra £1.50. Or to satisfy your sweet tooth without busting your belt, go for the Mississippi Shake rocktail, with Absolut vodka, Kahlua and Aramrula shaken up with milk and coco powder to make a tasty over-18s-only milkshake.

Not yet done, we decided to share a ‘Groupie’ rocktail, served in a giant jam jar (from £11.95). Deciding on the rather strong Texas Ice Tea between two of us, let’s just say we didn’t walk in a straight line when we left Belushi’s, but we sure had a rocking smile on our faces…  

Branches in London Bridge, Camden, Greenwich, Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush.