It was started back in the 1920s by a group of actors who wanted a place to drink after their performances but has more recently been given a retro refurb that echoes a drawing room in a country hotel. It’s plush and dimly lit, with an inviting bar front and centre, as well as booths that are perfect for groups – or for couples in search of dark corners.

The grub There’s basic food that’s perfect for soaking up the booze, a range of pizzas and paninis starting at £9. 

Behind the bar It’s all about the cocktails, which you can order in a teapot with four glasses. All the classics are on offer, as well as a selection of fruity local specialities. For the ladies, try the Pink And Sloe; the gents, try the Santiago.

Bill please Cocktails are all less than £7, apart from the champagne selection, which are £7.50. Share a teapot with your mates for £12.50. Food between £9-£13.

verdict It can be a bit packed either side of theatre performances but it’s definitely worth a look on a quieter night. A must for anyone who fancies themselves as
a connoisseur of Soho’s finest late-night speakeasies.