Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Slow-burn TV in the shape of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire has

provided a welcome antidote to Hollywood’s reluctance to create dense,

complex dramas, so it’s heartening to see that the small-screen’s

influence is finally seeping into cinema. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy –

about retired superspy George Smiley brought back into the “firm” to

root out a Soviet agent – is a case in point.
Swedish director Tomas

Alfredson brings a chilly detachment to the action in this absorbing

drama that is punctuated by bouts of sadistic, ultra-real violence.

Oldman plays top spook George Smiley with a preternatural stillness

that is unnerving. But there’s a lot going on behind his dull, weary

eyes as he grapples with the moral conundrums thrown up by the demands

of his job to safeguard Britain’s security against the Russians. Tom

Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch put in equally riveting performances as

agents chasing their tails.
The main problem with the film is that

the labyrinthine narrative of John Le Carre’s source novel can barely be

contained within its two hours of running time. Despite the film’s

snail pace, the plot points come thick and fast, barely allowing the

viewer time to process them. But as a study of the dissembling and

double dealing that characterises the murky underworld of intelligence

gathering, TTSS is superlative. It may be set in the 1970s, during the

Cold War, but the recent, shocking revelations that M16 agents allegedly

shopped dissidents of Gaddafi’s brutal regime to the despot himself,

makes this film feel all the more immediate.

Good for: Lovers of serious, slow-burn cinema that commands your full attention.



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