There’s no better place to start than Original Surf Morocco as it is the dream surf camp for thousands. If you are planning an adventurous holiday where you can take a surfboard and hit the waves, then Morocco is the place to be. The team of surfing instructors is very friendly and will help you to learn surfing from scratch. They have various yoga and surfing holiday packages, so rest assured that you’ll find one that matches your needs and budget.

Relax and have fun

Whether you know surfing or not, a holiday in Morocco allows you to completely unwind from all the stress in your life and catch some much-needed break from the cold winter. The exquisite beaches are perfect for people who just want to lie down under the sun and relax for hours. As a guest of Original Surf Morocco, you can enjoy and be a part of the rich cultural emersions that include tasting local Moroccan cuisine and going on excursions around the magical province of Agadir. Their packages are designed to give you an experience of the traditional Moroccan culture along with the fun of yoga and surfing.

Things to do

Once you are a guest of Original Surf Morocco, you become one of their family members. The friendly staff is always ready to help you explore the nearby areas. Some of the things that you can do when you opt for one of their packages are:

  Surf coaching

If you don’t know surfing, this should be your ideal place to start. As the coaches say, you can always learn something new and experience a lot in surfing. Their surf camp is full of the latest costumes and surfboards that prove perfect for both amateur and veteran surfers. Let the guides teach you about the basics of surfing so that you can fulfill your dream of surfing alone in the ocean.

Sunrise and sunset yoga

There is nothing more relaxing than starting the day with a spiritually enriching experience. Thanks to the yoga teachers, you can start your day by doing the asanas that will help your nerves to calm down. It is the ideal mind and body healer. However, if you don’t have the habit of doing yoga, it is better to take it easy on the first day; otherwise, you may have body pain for the rest of the tour.

Excursions and activities

Explore the old Kasbah ruins on a hiking trail or enjoy the magic of Agadir. The surf camp packages also contain excursions and activities that will keep you busy as you explore Morocco in a different style. You can also visit the souk to get an idea of how beautiful this city is and shop for souvenirs. 


One of the trademarks of Original Surf Morocco is their low-price packages. Surf coaching starts only at 65€ per night while a combination of yoga and surfing costs only 75€ per night. Those who only want to focus on surfing can choose from a couple of packages: surfing lessons start at 49€ per day, and surf guiding costs 65€ per night.