However, in a world where social media has made everyone an expert, finding the right diet advice can be tricky. Even among the real experts, there’s little consensus on what constitutes the ideal diet. Is keto the best way forward? Do you like Keto? Check out’s keto coffee recipe. How about a vegan diet? What about the carnivore diet? These are just some of the questions an average person will ask and, often, receive no definitive answers to. When you throw London’s chaotic lifestyle into the mix, this uncertainty becomes a recipe for disaster.

Let the Experts Take Control

As the UK’s capital, London is full of fantastic places to eat. For those on a health kick, Brick Lane’s Supernatural juice store has plenty of grab-and-go options. From the Eye Popper and its mix of ginger and chilli to the Detox, Supernatural is an ideal place to fill up on vital micronutrients. However, what about the macros? According to Men’s Health Magazine, our daily average macronutrients should be broken down as follows: 50%-55% of daily calories from carbohydrates, 35% of daily calories from fat and 10% of daily calories from protein.

Naturally, your lifestyle, activity levels and specific goals will alter these numbers. However, they’re a solid starting point for anyone wanting to improve their diet. Unfortunately, for most people, theory and reality are two very different things. As well as the buzz of city life leaving little time to cook and, sometimes, eat, people just don’t know how to monitor their food intake. In this respect, meal replacement services are ideal. Yes, you do pay a premium for the service but anytime you can improve your health the costs should be seen as an investment.

If you read this comparison of two leading meal prep companies – Plated and HelloFresh – you can see these services offer more than convenience. For example, a couple paying around £29.99 can receive three meals per week from HelloFresh. As well as standard recipes, these companies will tailor diets to your specific needs. Whether it’s weight loss, athletic performance, vegetarian or keto, you can customise what you receive and when you receive it.

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Naturally, those are all great reasons to use a meal replace service. In reality though, convenience matters. As we’ve said, the London life isn’t always conducive to a healthy diet. Although a Boots meal deal might look okay, the nutritional value of a packaged sandwich, crisps and a “sweet treat” isn’t great. Therefore, if you can utilise the services of a meal prep company, you at least give yourself a fighting chance of improving your diet.

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What’s more, you’re able to exercise control over what you eat. While you may not hit your ideal macros every day, you can get close at least a few times per week. Of course, proper planning and taking more downtime could also help improve your diet. However, if you’re someone that has to keep pace with London’s hoi polloi, a speedy meal from a reliable source could be the answer.