Radio 1 “did the right thing” in toning down Rihanna’s saucy new single S&M, fans say.

The raunchy song which has Rihanna singing: “sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me” proved too racy for the BBC station who renamed it Come On and edited out some of its edgier lyrics.

Rihanna was reportedly furious over the Radio 1 snub, Tweeting  “Are you f**king kidding me???”

As it happens it was actually Rihanna’s record label, Def Jam, who made the changes to allow the song to get played.

But fans still applauded Radio 1 for “not exposing an audience of impressionable and ignorant listeners to overtly sexual content”.

The video for S&M, showing Rihanna trussed up in various states of bondage, had already been banned by video sharing website YouTube, forcing the singer to post it on her official website.

It has also been banned in several countries.

It’s not the first time the R&B superstar’s overt sexiness has caused raised temperatures. Matt Cardle revealed earlier this year that his steamy debut with Rihanna on the X Factor final nearly caused him to get an erection.

S&M is the latest single from Rihanna’s album Loud.