After she finished a workout, the 23-year-old star kicked back and started puffing a hand-rolled cigarette in the sunshine.

She looked relaxed and deep in thought as she lay back on a sun lounger in her gym gear – black leggings and a hot pink vest top.

She was seen smiling at something on her phone and gazing into the distance.

She was tweeting about how much she was enjoying her time off.

On Sunday she said: “Kush rolled, glass full… I prefer the better things.”

The line refers to a lyric about smoking marijuana, from Drake’s song Up All Night.

She also tweeted earlier in the week: “4.20…Hi”, another slang term for weed.

But the Good Girl Gone Bad isn’t the only being linked to Mary-J.

Although Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t known to smoke weed, legal cannabis stores in California have named a new line of the drug after their new daughter, Blue Ivy.