Rihanna went topless in an Irish cornfield for her We Found Love video before being told by a Bangor farmer to put her clothes on and stop behaving “inappropriately”.

According to reports, Alan Graham, 61, stopped his tractor in horror when he saw Rihanna cavorting in his field.

Not star-struck, as he hadn’t a clue who she was, the farmer confronted Riri, telling her to cover up and stop filming.

"I had a request last week for the use of grain field to provide the setting for a film," the Bangor farmer told U105.

"At that time I didn't know who was coming – I didn't know that until yesterday morning. Even if I had known, I'm afraid I'm a bit illiterate regarding these issues.

"I've no ill against the people, but I feel there are boundaries as to what is acceptable to take place on my farm."

Rihanna found herself in the Irish hay field on a shoot her We Found Love single, with Calvin Harris.

The 23-year-old initially wore a red bandana bikini, but at one point whipped it off, much to the distress of Graham.

“I realised things were becoming inappropriate from my point of view and I asked the filming to stop,” he said.

Filming brought traffic to a standstill in the Co, Down area, with hundreds of fans trying to catch a glimpse of the singer.

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