Genette (above), who was 13 when she went missing, has never been found but detectives believe she was probably abducted and murdered.

They suspect Black is responsible but don’t have enough evidence to pin the crime on him.

Genette’s father John Tate, now 69, is confined to a wheelchair and has prostate cancer but wants to meet the notorious Black.

 “I’d like to say to the guy, ‘look, Jesus will forgive you for what you have done, I might not, but he can’,” Tate said.

“So why don’t you take the opportunity to pray for forgiveness.

“If he told us where she was…it would be a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders, but it would break my heart to know what she had been through.”

Black is also linked to other historical unsolved abduction cases.

Mr Tate believes the questions that swirl around the serial killer will only stop if he decides to open up.

“This guy could put a lot of people out of their misery,” he added