The 88-year-old leader has reportedly agreed to hand over power to Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

It is believed that members of Mugabe’s close family, including wife Grace, have flown to Asia to be by his bedside.

The Zimbabwean government has officially stated that the dictator was flown to Singapore to oversee his daughter Bona’s induction to Singapore University. However university registration does not start until September and it is claimed that the flight was actually scheduled after the dictator collapsed in his home last week.

Rumours that Mugabe was seriously ill were spread after a US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks last month stated that his prostate cancer had spread to other organs.

The Tehran Times reported yesterday that Mugabe had agreed to hand over power to Mnangagwa. The 66-year-old was a key ally of Mugabe during the country’s fight for independence in the 1970s. The former head of the Zimbabwean Central Intelligence Organisation has been blamed for the violence inflicted on Mugabe’s opponents during the contested 2008 presidential election.