Daniel Radcliffe is Britain’s wealthiest under 30 year old, topping Heat Magazine’s rich list but Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is fast gaining on him.

Harry Potter star Radcliffe topped the list with an estimated fortune of  £45.6 million.

Predictably the rich list’s top spots was also dominated by Daniel Radcliffe’s equally youthful Harry Potter co stars.  Emma Watson, who has amassed £20,6 million, came third on the list and and Rupert Grint who has a nice pile worth £19 million came fourth.

But with the last Harry Potter film, Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows, behind them, Radcliffe and his co-stars will need to keep an eye on their rear view mirror as Robert Pattinson catches up to them. The heart-throb came in at fifth place having racked up £18.5 million with the Twilight Saga and many other block-busters.

The highest paid under-30 year old woman was Keira Knightley with a not-to-be-sniffed-at pot of cash worth £30.1 million.

Heat editor Sam Delaney observed that “In these tight financial times, there’s a great deal of animosity felt towards society’s richest. But who could possibly resent the millions earned by a charming young rascal like Daniel Radcliffe?”

“The heat rich list is proof that not all mega-rich people are corrupt, cigar-chomping fat cats. This list is full of young people who have largely made their cash out of putting smiles on other people’s faces.”