The current West Bromwich Albion manager is out of contract at the midland’s club at the end of the season, and will take on the England job with just a matter of weeks to put his stamp on the team before the European championships in the Ukraine.

Football fans around the country have indicated their disappointment at the prospect of Hodgson’s appointment, with many citing Harry Redknapp as the man for the job.

“The FA are only going to appoint Roy Hodgson because they spent too much money on Capello and can’t afford Harry’s payoff from Spurs,” said Mike Ainsley on Twitter.

However, the outcry has not been universal with as many if not more fans stating their support for the appointment of Hodgson:

“Dont understand people slating Roy Hodgson… Roy 13 trophies Harry 1. Roy has international experience and a far better CV,” said one fan.

Hodgson is the only man the FA have contacted regarding the position and will reportedly be offered, a two competition, four-year contract.

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