Kate Middleton has invited the landlord of her local pub to the royal wedding. Well, isn’t he special!

John Haley, who runs Bucklebury’s Old Boot Inn, frequented by Kate Middleton and her family over the years, received the gold embossed invitation on the weekend.

Haley, 55, told the Mirror “Everyone has been joking about it and offering to go in my place but that’s one seat I won’t be giving up.”

“I’m really excited and I can’t wait to watch Kate walk down the aisle with her prince. Kate is a wonderful girl and William is very lucky to have her. I’m sure they will be exceptionally happy and I wish them all the best. I was told beforehand that I would be invited so it wasn’t a huge shock but it’s still a privilege and I’ll be part of history in some small way.”

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Wonder how much he would get for it on eBay? Just a thought.

Haley will be one of nearly 2000 guests attending the wedding at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29. So he’s not that special, then.

But he’s clearly more special than President Obama and first Lady Michelle who didn’t get an invite at all. (Though the official line is that the Obama’s haven’t been snubbed – it’s just that the wedding’s not an official state occasion because William is only second in line to the throne. So that’s alright then).

And Fergie didn’t get an invite either, even though her daughters Eugenie and Beatrice did, but no one’s too surprised about that. Toe sucking is a difficult thing to erase from one’s mind.

Making the cut were David and Victoria Beckham, who are invited, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind that this will be a classy affair.