Julio Yanez of Boone, N.C. is facing misdemeanour and breaking and entering charges after admitting to police that he snuck into a woman’s apartment and tried to give her an, understandably, unwanted back massage. 

According to the Huffington Post, the 29-year-old Yanez has been arrested for similar offences twice already this year.

The most recent incident occurred on August 15th, when Mr Yanez entered a woman’s ‘unsecured’ apartment and got into bed beside the victim.

When the victim woke up she reportedly told him to leave, Yanez refused and – presumably in an attempt to soothe the woman’s ire – tried to give her a back rub. 

Nothing suss about that, right? 

According to the Charlotte Observer since Yanez’s most recent arrest, other women have come forward with similar tales about the 29-year-old and his unwanted, handsy attention. 

Yanez is scheduled to be sentenced sometime in September – best of luck in all your future endeavours, Julio!

Image: Huffington Post