South Canterbury Rugby Football Union (SCRFU) will appear before a New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) disciplinary hearing this week following allegations of poor behaviour by members of their team on a charter flight on October 5.

The allegations relate to the team’s behaviour on the charter flight from Gisborne to Wellington, where the team was refused permission to board their connecting flight to Christchurch.

Representatives from the SCRFU will appear before judicial officer Bruce Squire QC at the NZRU offices in Wellington.

The team was apparently booted off an Air New Zealand flight at the weekend for being rude to an attendant.

The team was flying home from Gisborne after beating East Coast at Ruatoria when the attendant took exception to a player’s comment and complained to the pilot.

The team was then offloaded at Wellington and rescheduled to a later flight to Christchurch.

South Canterbury coach Ken Wills said the attendant had overreacted to a single comment.

“One of the guys was trying to use a pick-up line and exchange text numbers.”

The team had apologised, he said.